About 55% of LAUSD students who experience homelessness are chronically absent from class

After losing her apartment Nicolette Palombo was stuck in an impossible predicament: she couldn’t get her kids to school because they were without reliable shelter and constantly moving, she couldn’t get housing because she needed a job — and she couldn’t get a job because she had to provide childcare all day.

As a result, her nine and 11-year-old daughter were out of school for months as the family bounced from couch to couch and at times lived in their car.

“The landlord decided he was going to sell the property, so with last-minute notice we were told that we had to vacate the premises, and then for a good year we moved around,” said Palombo. “It’s been hard for us to get back on our feet.” Click here to read more: https://www.dailynews.com/2023/05/08/an-army-of-obstacles-stands-between-las-homeless-students-and-the-classroom/?utm_email=D48DC50024D5859AD38213B181&g2i_eui=S7U45U5%2fhaOLEsAIcShxR2o34xOSgAbh&g2i_sou