A last-ditch legal effort by the Los Angeles school district has failed for now to avert a three-day strike and school closures scheduled for Tuesday, but district officials said Sunday that their case remains under consideration by a state labor board and that a decision could come as soon as Monday.

L.A. Unified had argued that the strike — by Local 99 of Service Employees International Union — is illegal, on the grounds that the union’s official justification is not the real reason for the walkout. Local 99 has stated that the purpose of the strike is to protest alleged unfair labor practices by the district; L.A. Unified claims the union walkout is about pressuring the district to improve its salary offer.

The school system had requested an injunction from the California Public Employment Relations Board that would have delayed or halted with strike — and this was denied. Click here to read more: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2023-03-19/labor-board-wont-halt-lausd-strike-for-now-as-shutdown-looms?utm_id=90514&sfmc_id=2420175