AALA Departments

Adult Department

The Adult Department includes those school-based Principals, Assistant Principals-Operations, Assistant Principals-Adult Counseling Services, and Coordinators who serve in the community adult schools and the ROP/ROC centers of the District.

Classified Department

Unit J, Classified Department, represents classified management personnel assigned as Directors, Deputy Directors, Administrators, Managers, Specialists, and other administrative positions in Facilities, Food Services, Information Technology and Transportation.  For class codes of Unit J bargaining unit members, see: 2018 – 2021 UNIT J CONTRACT, Article I, Recognition.

Early Education Department

Early Education Center Principals.

Elementary Department

The Elementary Department includes those school-based Principals, Assistant Principals and Assistant Principals-Elementary Instructional Services who are assigned to district elementary schools and primary centers, as well as any other administrators assigned to specific elementary/primary sites.

Secondary Department

The Secondary Department includes those school-based Principals, Assistant Principals, Assistant Principals-Secondary Counseling Services, and School Improvement Facilitators who are assigned to district middle and senior high schools, as well as those Extended Learning Administrators and Required Learning Administrators assigned to specific sites. The Secondary Department also includes all school-based administrators assigned to options and continuation schools.

School Support Administrator Department

The School Support Administrator Department consists primarily of nonschool-based administrators who serve in the central offices, local district offices and other external support services locations. The department includes a wide variety of Specialists, Coordinators and Directors of departments, as well as the Directors of School Support Services and Administrators of Instruction in the local districts. This department also includes the Principals and Site Administrators assigned to Early Childhood Education Division locations.